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Revolutionizing Customer Experience With Support Automation

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Can your support reps see exactly what your customers see when they have an issue with your products?

In 2015 a new technology emerged to leverage video functionality on customers’ mobile devices to help support reps troubleshoot technical issues in real time.

Armed with this “eyes on the problem” remote live video technology, support teams can finally overcome some of the annoying limitations of traditional voice-only support, without onsite visits.

TSIA Research Report: Revolutionizing Support Interactions with Video

The Relationship Between Superior Customer Experience And Growth

Today the experience between customers and agents can be disjointed, reactive and not as personalized as customers expect. Customer experience professionals who are interested in more effectively managing the customer experience must provide more effective live support immediately.

Download this whitepaper to discover the key building blocks of the future for customer support and CX. As you read, ask yourself these critical questions:
  • What types of service does your service partner provide?
  • What are the best new KPIs to adopt and perform to?
  • What experience does your service partner have in your industry?
  • What is the quality of the customer support agent service your customers receive?
  • What technology advantages can your partner offer?
  • How proactive is that partner in helping you to improve your products and services?

Download this complimentary TSIA research report that identifies uses of video support and analyzes the ROI of these remote tools.

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